Photography has been a part of the art department's range of artistic disciplines for more than five years now. Starting from fairly humble beginnings, it has become increasingly popular with beginners, those wishing to improve their skills, and already established photographers joining The Corner House.

Whilst we started out mostly just teaching digital photography, in recent years we have found this to be simply that, a starting point, and many students and people who use our services have begun to extend their practice as photographers beyond our teaching and guidance (as it should be). We still offer tuition for those beginning or just starting out taking photographs. We also offer short courses for people wanting to try something a little bit different. We view photography as an art form and a tool, so try to cater for people who see it as either, or both. To that end, we have general photography courses and more specific courses considering individual aspects of the art.

Recently, we have opened a dark room for wet proccessing film and experimenting with "alternative processes". We try to offer dark room practice, film photography opportunities, and studio work opportunities where possible. We have a variety of photographic and studio equipment for use by our students.

The photography section of the gallery (click on the button over on the right) is just the tip of the iceberg, and represents just a fraction of the creativity and artistic endeavour of the photography department. Our students, and the people who make use of our facilities, have gone on to further education in photography and have exhibited widely.

For more information on what we're teaching, how we teach, and how you can be involved, click here to download our current brochure.

If you should like to join a course, please talk to support worker or call, email, or chat to Angie in the Art Room. If you have any questions, would like to arrange individual tuition, or have a suggestion, please contact the art room by sending us an email or by telephoning or even by just dropping by.