Art Courses

The Art Room at The Corner House offers a wide range of courses to our members, in a variety of different disciplines, skills, and media. We offer everything from afternoon conversations and lectures, all the way up to long courses where you can learn a totally new skill. We offer "improvers" courses for people wishing to finesse or learn new things to add to skill sets (particularly in the field of stained glasswork and ceramics).

Our timetable changes as we think of things, and we do sometimes add and remove things as needs or demands change. Often not listed is our "field trip" program - we regularly take trips to see exhibitions throughout the South East of England, so long as there is interest, and we can reasonably get to a location by public transport.

Whilst we do make a general list of "things we'd like to see and do" it is not comprehensive, and we are open to requests or suggestions.

August September October November
  • Sewing

December January February March
  • Traditional art
  • Silk painting
  • Mosaic course
  • Lino printing & wood cut
April May June July
  • Paper clay
  • Pottery
  • Upcycling
  • Impressionist art


If you should like to join a course, please talk to support worker or call, email, or chat to Angie in the Art Room. If you have any questions, would like to arrange individual tuition, or have a suggestion, please contact the art room by sending us an email or by telephoning or even by just dropping by.