We have received the following testimonials from members

From K.

WHEN I started with the corner house a year ago -  I felt very alone and unsure where to turn for help – I was struggling with mixing with people and being honest about how I was feeling -  I attended the de cluttering course and could not complete it due to the anxiety of being in a group of people.  This was a breakthrough for me as I was able to be honest and explain that although I may look like I am functioning at a high level I am in fact masking deep insecurities and self-worth issues.  I then attended the food and mood course there I started to settle into the group and found that there were a lot of people in the same position and that there were people struggling the same as I was.  I felt that the corner house was a safe place to be truly honest and sometimes you hear laughter or are involved in a giggle with others which is not available on prescription. 

By continuing to attend the food and mood group I had a goal to head for.  I learnt so much on the course that I have started to apply in baby steps in my eating habits, I have also found it a useful tool to be able to keep small talk with other people at a safe level for me.

 I felt enthused by something and even if it was a struggle to attend some days I always came away feeling that I had learnt so much.  I have since started baking and cooking more, and found that I enjoy it, I have taken my food and hygiene course to be able to head on to maybe passing some of my cooking experience to others, but this has really made me be able to focus on a future to aim for – the prospect of helping others and being needed is very important to me and I would not have found this in another environment where I would have to explain.

I have had some one to one help and this has been an enormous help, the support in form filling is great and invaluable, as the paperwork sometimes can feel aggressive and frightening. 

 I have also taken part in the afternoon badminton, this was previously a passion of mine and I have found that I DO enjoy it and it is a healthy thing to pursue. 

The other great think I have personally experienced with the corner house is that the amazing talent of people around me with regard to the art and creativity.  I have so enjoyed looking at the art and watching pieces develop.  This is something I would like to delve into more in the future.

 I have made slow and steady steps towards my “recovery” and I truly believe without the services that I have made use of I would not be able to stand in front of you all today and say thank you.

From S.

I have a bi-polar disorder which was only diagnosed when I was 40. For the last 7 years I have been under the care of The Day Hospital. I am discharged now, but for The Corner House being there for me I would have felt like I had been abandoned, as I wasn’t ready to go back into the workplace and still had a way to go in my recovery.

When I first decided to find out what The Corner House could offer me it took several attempts for me to get through the door.  Eventually I plucked up the courage to open the door and come in.  At first it felt quite daunting but as soon as a staff member saw me they made me feel welcome.  That was the beginning….

Since then my self-confidence has increased, due in a large part to the art teacher Angie, who has encouraged me to explore various art forms and I discovered I love making things out of clay.  The staff at The Corner House recognised my artistic abilities and talked about the possibility of sharing my skills and teaching pottery courses.

When I first attended The Corner House my goals were predominantly to control my obsessive behaviour.  I have managed to get this behaviour to an acceptable level, because of the way the art room works and the fact that I was encouraged to work on different projects on different days.  This then enabled me to expand my horizons and translate this new skill into other areas of my life.

In the past I always tried to push myself too quickly to get back to work,  this generally would set myself up to fail and hinder my recovery.  I knew I needed to slow myself down but found it really difficult to do so.  It was not until I came to The Corner House that I began to understand how to be more realistic about my recovery.  I started thinking about a change of career as I had previously been in jobs that were very stressful. 

I started to volunteer in the art room, assisting our art teacher.  I am now planning to co-teach a pottery course and to complete the PTLLS teaching qualification.  Without the input of Angie I would never have believed in myself and had the necessary confidence to take this path. 

Although I know my career change will not happen overnight I am happy to reach this goal at a more realistic pace and see this as a continuation of my recovery.

From A.

At the Corner House I receive love, support, care and help when needed, especially help overcoming difficulties and anxieties.

I have a wonderful dinner on a Wednesday night thanks to Shane.

Jackie, Gaynor, Jill Alan, Bill and Claudia and staff offer extremely helpful advice and I want them to know it is always appreciated.

I get to meet friends who feel similar to myself.

I do not feel isolated here.

After all it is always good to talk.

At the Corner House we discuss many things and topics especially benefits, day to day activities including life in general. By having such an establishment it enables us all to interact with one another without fear, embarrassment or prejudice.

It is such a pity that a number of activities we participated in are no longer available for e.g. regular outings on the minibus to i.e. Eastbourne, Crawley ,Highdown, Chichester and so, so much more.

Who amongst us do not miss the activities we were so fond of including hairdressing and massage.

In conclusion I am left to contemplate how much our Corner House means to us all.

Thank you.

From S.

I came to the Corner House while I was in Meadowfield hospital after a seven month stay. I didn't know how I would face the world again as I felt mentally drained and worn down to nothing in self-esteem and self belief by what I can only describe as the "worst experience of my life".

Art has always been in my life, but I hadn't picked up a paintbrush for over 20 years - then I met Angie! Going into the art room here is a breath of fresh air, and Angie an inspiration. No excuses for not having painted for a while: out came an enormous canvas, some books to choose from and away you go, with encouragement all the way; - however good or bad you feel it is.

It has been a turning point for me. As the weeks have passed, to know that I have somewhere to go each day, that is safe and happy, that I am not judged, able to talk about my experiences if I wish , without embarassment or judgement creeping over someones face. To be among people all facing their own problems with a smile, or free to just be around if the day is not good, has been a total blessing, and the staff always welcoming and on hand.

Thank you all, staff and fellow travellers who have all made me welcome and a special thanks to Angie for bringing a love of all things art back into my life.