Community Projects

The art room periodically carries out commissioned or speculative art projects, for the benefit of our, and other communities. These can take the form of sculpture or mural work, but normally are pretty big and involve lots of people in their creation. They represent a coming together of artists as community to create something for a community.

community project in action

Previous projects have included a mural for the Chestnut Tree Hospice; a mural for the Royal Alexandra Childrens Hospital in Brighton; and a collection of works inspired by John Piper's work which was exhibited at Meadowfield Hospital in Worthing.

Stained Glass in Action

If you are interested in commissioning a project, or becoming involved in a developing a project, we are always interested in any opportunities to make community links (whatever community that may be). Our work emphasises cost effectiveness and collaboration of artistic endeavour. Our time is free, but we might need to charge for materials. If you would like to know more or make an enquiry, please contact the Art room by telephoning or by emailing